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August 4, 2023 - Viewer role, filter mapping, iframe in markdown, and visualization improvements

Viewer User Role

New connection permission called Viewer that limits users to only viewing dashboards built on predefined Topics.

Filter Mapping on Dashboards

Filters can now be mapped to different fields on each tile. Especially useful when mapping a date dashboard filter to different date fields on each tile (though not limited to just dates!).

iframes in Markdown Visualizations

Markdown visualizations now support iframes so all your favorite web pages can be embedded right inside a dashboard! They can optionally be parameterized with query elements so they can dynamically change based on the filters or query results. One of our favorite examples is this brand lookup dashboard that embeds a google map of all store locations based on the applied location filter.

View Aliases

Ever had the name of a table change in your database and then all the beautiful content downstream broke? Never fear - the new View aliases parameter is here! When the name of a database table changes you can apply the aliases parameter to the new view name to ensure old content still works.

Other Improvements

  • Query elements in chart text: mustache syntax can be used inside chart text elements (axes labels, legend labels, etc) to display query or filter values
  • Axis label rotation: visualization axes labels can be rotated to a different angle
  • Axis min/max: quantitative axes can now have a minimum and maximum value specified to override the automatically applied range
  • New global format types: gdp and eur formats now available
  • Format precision: from the table config, formats can have a decimal precision applied
  • Relabel columns: from the table config, columns can be relabeled
  • Invitation request management page: new admin page to see all pending user invite requests