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August 24, 2023 - Drag and drop vis editor, left click actions, and field aliases

Drag and Drop Visualization Editor

Visualizations just got way easier to create and edit with a new drag and drop interaction inside the vis editor.

Visualization Reference Lines

Adding goals or targets to your charts is now possible with vertical reference lines.

More Mustache Markdown Fun

Mustache can now be used in even more places - query elements can be inserted inside chart text (like axis titles) and dashboard filters can be inserted into dashboard text tiles.

Drilling and Context Menus Move to Left Click

While we love a good right click menu… drilling is just too important an action to be relegated to a secondary click. Drilling and context menus are now accessible with left clicks (don’t worry - it still works if you got used to the right-click!)

Field Aliases

Following on the view aliases parameter, fields can now also have aliases. Makes it easy to preserve content when a field name changes in the database.

Other Improvements

  • Control calculation direction for pivots: choose if the calculation should be computed down the column or across the row
  • Date fill for “on or after filters”: dates can now be filled in when an on or after filter is applied, filling rows up to the current date
  • Unpin axis from zero: new Y-axis visualization setting
  • Add existing join to topic: from the workbook join modal, new option to add the join to the current Topic (without having to go to the IDE)
  • Filters can be referenced in dashboard text tiles: call out filter values on a dashboard using mustache syntax