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November 3, 2023 - SSO Embedding, Timezones, and more!

SSO Embedding

Single sign-on (SSO) embedding enables delivering data to users outside of your organization by embedding Omni in other applications. User information such as permissions is passed from your application to Omni to construct a special authorized URL that can be used in an iframe. Read more about it in our docs here.

Timezone Conversion

You can now configure how you want Omni to convert timezones. On the connection page, there’s 2 new settings: one to tell us what your database timezone is, and a second to tell us what timezone you want us to convert to when querying data.

Ignoring Views

New model parameter ignored_views so you can, well, ignore the views you don’t want to see. This will remove those views from the file list in the IDE (and make them un-queryable in the workbook). It accepts wildcards as well so you can finally remove those hundreds of arielle_dev_* tables.

Visualization Upgrades

Measures can now be stacked - finally can create that stacked bar + line chart everyone wants to see!

KPI charts got a little smarter too - now you can change the colors for positive and negative values (or set them to whatever color you’d like). Now you can show off how good that reduction in the churn KPI looks.