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Content and Navigation


The homepage will display a mix of favorited dashboards and workbooks in Omni, as well as some other popular content. To browse all content in the system, simple follow the View All link or All in the left nav.


To favorite a dashboard, star the content either from the content system or the dashboard itself. Favorites are curated per user, but overall stats are shown to highlight popular dashboards.


Labels can be applied to dashboards and workbooks to organize content by subject area. Labels can be configured on the Settings page, and then applied directly to the workbook or dashboard.

Curating the Homepage

Optionally, one or more labels can be set as a 'Home Page' label. Any content that has that label applied, will show up for all users in the 'For You' section of the home page.

Activity History

Activity history shows a [to be further developed] history of each users's querying activity in Omni, including visualization manipulation. The UX will improve, but this can be a place to find previous sessions if browser history is not accessible.


Admins can recover deleted dashboards and workbooks. To recover a workbook, open the content and save from the workbook or dashboard UI. Note that emphemeral workbooks will not be avilable in the trash, only in each user's activity history.