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Bulk Model Editor

In addition to classic file-based modeling, the bulk model editor offers a more ergonomic path to model across many view files at the same time, or even to quickly model across many elements in a single view.


The bulk editor offers quick ways to make changes across many objects. Note there are separate tabs for fields, views, and relatoinships. Under each view, the search bar will filter rows, for example to find fields by type, by name, or by view.

Columns can be added or removed from the table to improve readability, for example, to add descriptions across many fields while also viewing the SQL.

Note that search currently only extends over field names and view names.

Note that names and SQL cannot be edited in the bulk modeler.

Example use cases:

  • Hiding ID fields throughout the model:
    • Search [id], then click the eye next to each field
  • Adding descriptions to each field or view
  • Adding formats across many fields
  • Adding tags across many fields
  • Quickly scanning all joins to or from a given table
  • Confirming all joins have a type to ensure proper aggregation