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Table Visualizations

Omni offers some configuration over the table as a visualization, including hiding columns and layout

Column Width

This allows toggling between a full width table (stretch) and a smaller table where whitespace pushed to the right of the table (condensed).

Show / Hide View Names

This will toggle whether or not to show the view name in the results table.

Show / Hide Columns

To hide columns from the result table, right click on any column in the result set from the table visualization configuration. Hidden columns can then be returned from the configuration. Columns may also be hidden from the table options menu.

Pivots can also be hidden, and will be indexed to the value of the pivoted series. This means if you hide the first pivot, say status: Returned, the hide is not indexed to the first pivot, but rather Status: Returned.

Conditional Formatting

Numeric values can be colored based upon the distribution of values using conditional formatting. To active conditional formatting, simply select the desired series. By default Omni will select three palettes and graident in between the min and max values. This can be adjusted to a color pair, or more colors as desired.

Columns Re-Sort / Column Reorder

Columns in the data table can be re-arranged using the drag target on each column header. Pivots can only be re-arranged via re-sort, not on an ad hoc basis. Note that dimensions and measures can be interspersed if there is no pivot.

Pivot Sorting

Pivots can be sorted the same way that columns are sorted, by clicking on the field header in the data table. Pivots can also be sorted based on values in the data table by clicking the row header, including by the total (clicking the blank row header for totals).