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December 15, 2023


Demos highlight what we are working on or experimenting with, but are not a guarantee of release. We love feedback - let us know your thoughts at

Below you'll see

  • The first look at our entirely new content system. This offers the flexibility of Google Docs style permissioning - content level controls, global defaults, folders, SQL access boost, and user-specific sharing.
  • Some super flexible designs that open up curation and recommendation for relevant dashboards for every end user in Omni with lots of nice looking visuals
  • New polish around the filter experience, including consolidation of custom filtering for easier dynamic dates (2023-01-01 for 6 months, 2018, 8 fiscal months ago for 6 months, etc) and easier pasting of long lists from spreadsheets.
  • Omni tries to make joins as reusable as possible, but sometimes you just need a special join for a given topic. Now joins can exist globally in the relationships file or inside an individual topic.
  • Improvements to model history to understand changes more clearly at each level of the model - workbook, shared, or schema.
  • Couple new visualization improvements - better heatmaps and new labels on charts that can flexibly map to other series.
  • The first look at our new Databricks connector live in production. We're launching Databricks with full dialect support across the entire querying surface area.
  • Some polish to make table layouts cleaner
  • Simpler query canceling in the workbook

Dashboard and Workbook Permissions

Custom Homepage Designs

Filter Polish

Topic Joins

Composed Model History

Better Heatmaps, Flexible Visualization Labels

Databricks Connector

Table Cleanup

Query Cancelling