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March 15, 2024


Demos highlight what we are working on or experimenting with, but are not a guarantee of release. We love feedback - let us know your thoughts at

  • A complete demo of migrating a Looker data model to Omni. Dashboard migration is also possible, but wasn't demoed live.
  • Lots of progress on improving tables in Omni. A first look at variable height rows (read: big rows), in-line images, in-line links, and even tables-in-tables.
  • New functionality for banding and capping with conditional formatting.
  • The end of third party cookies for embedding. Now Omni dashboards can use vanity URLs to match the parent domain and avoid third-party cookies and more restrictive browser issues.
  • Bringing all the goodness of formatting in the formula to Omni, now the TEXT() function is available. Often useful when concatenating formatted data and text in a cell.
  • More work to allow auto-scaling for Omni's infrastructure. This is ensure maximum performance for even the heaviest workloads.
  • Lots of work on keeping query pipelines sustainable. Here we demo some work to open up controls for user and organizational level query throttling to ensure the database isn't over-exercised.
  • More work on organizing dashboards and workbooks, here bringing to tag system to folders.

Looker Migration

Tables (Row Height, Markdown)

Conditional Formatting

Vanity URLs

Auto-Scaling Infrastructure

Text() Formulas

Query Throttling

Folder Tagging