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March 29, 2024


Demos highlight what we are working on or experimenting with, but are not a guarantee of release. We love feedback - let us know your thoughts at

  • A first look at some in-progress work on layering a bit more AI into the app
    • Text to vis for advanced Vega Lite visualization opens up more custom vis opportunities in the longtail
    • Text to query for free text data exploration on top of the data model, but inside the bounds of the data model
  • New tools for admins to impersonate users to understand permissions and experience for any user in the app, including full logging during sudo
  • Selective promotion from the workbook to the central data model, no more all-or-nothing promotion workflows
  • On page anchors for dashboards, to quickly link or navigate around longer dashboards via links
  • Private schedules, for deployments where users may self-serve scheduling but need to avoid interaction with other users

Text-to-Vis (Vega Lite GPT)

Text-to-Query (GPT Workbooks)

Admin User Impersonation (Sudo)

Selective Workbook Model Promotion

Private Schedules